Juliana's Bike events & workshops started in June and continues until November 2013. In July there will be a jam-packed programme of wonderful happenings around the city of Leeds. Check out our events pages to find out more. And maybe join in if you fancy a grand day out?

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Juliana’s Bike

Juliana’s Bike is a trailblazing celebration of art and cycling that kicks off in July 2013. It features live events, art exhibitions, workshops, interactive games, and a smorgasbord of artistic interventions including a pedal-powered caravan cinema, a bike hotel on three wheels, bicycle polo leagues, night rides, pop-up pubs on bicycles, pedalos, and even a dog on wheels! Why not join in and get on your bike?

Juliana’s Bike is organised by East Street Arts and forms part of Bike Fest and the Grand Départ Cultural Festival.