How many miles can you cycle? We are seeking Leeds cyclists to clock up 2,115 miles on a specially made bike in the city centre. Who knows, maybe there's a potential yellow jersey out there waiting to be discovered?

Citizen Bike

Host: Adam Young
Venue: Trinity Shopping Centre, Briggate
Dates & Times: Tues 9th July – Sun 11th August, 9am-8pm daily

Tour De France is undoubtedly the world’s toughest sporting event and its winners are said to have ‘mutant-like’ bodies. The riders cover thousands of kilometres with terrains reaching as high as 6500 feet! This doesn’t stop us from asking the question “can the public beat the professionals?”

Citizen Bike seeks to answer this question by placing an exercise bike in a public space with the target of 2,115 miles to reach. Inspired by iMove’s Immovable Block and Anthony Gormley’s 4th Plinth, artist Adam Young’s ‘Citizen Bike’ is set to be as theatrical as it is competitive. Adapted with a mile-o-meter, a webcam keeps watch and allows the rest of the world to see the progress online. How many miles can you cycle?

Thank you to the following people for their help on the project:
Leeds Hack Space with special thanks to Joe Dusta
Invisible Flock
Trinity Customer Service Lounge Staff
Kevin Young